Friday, 9 September 2016

Spooky Alchemy - with free bottle shapes

In this mixed media page I'm tapping into the imagery I associate with mad professors in underground laboratories.  Too specific?  Perhaps.  I think the result has a Victorian feel to it, perhaps due to the effect of the black ornate stencilling in the centre of the background.  I used a wide range of techniques here including die cutting, stamping, stencilling, resist, hand drawn bottles etc.  It also took half the weekend to finish, one of my longest projects but it's always rewarding when you translate the picture in your head to a completed piece so it was worth it.  I've updated this page as a result of a request for a copy of my bottles used on this page and you'll find them with a couple of labels at the end of this post.  

The paints used for the bottles are from a range by Imagination Crafts called Starlights and they provided exactly the glow I wanted from the bottles.  When first applied, I was worried it was too bright but once I'd inked the edges of the bottles it gave the perfect effect!
The glow effect shows up especially well in the bottle of Pickled Skulls, making it appear luminous.
I trimmed this video as much as I thought I could get away with while still showing all the techniques used.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy the video :)

On my You Tube channel (Attic Lane) one of my visitors there asked if I had my bottles available as a pdf.  I don't but I've had a pootle about on the PC and managed to make the bottles a jpg.  I'm more than happy to share (and I hope the file below works as a simple copy and paste) but if you use them anywhere please credit and link back to my blog please.  :)

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